Pickled Avocados - 500g Glass bottle

R 79.00

Since its debut in August 2023, our Pickled Avocado has become a culinary sensation, adored for its rich blend of flavors. It combines creamy Limpopo-grown avocados with Hoekwil's finest chili flakes, adding zest with garlic, cilantro, parsley, and a hint of black pepper. 
Now, we offer this gourmet experience in bulk - 24 units per box, providing a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy or share this unique, flavorful treat at a discounted price.

  • Fresh Avocados: Directly from our Limpopo farm, ensuring unmatched quality and taste.
  • Vinegar: For that tangy bite that complements the avocado's creamy texture.
  • Sugar: A touch to perfectly balance the flavors.
  • Water: Providing a foundation for our flavors to meld.
  • Pink Salt: A hint to elevate and enhance the natural avocado profile.

Its versatility shines through whether it's enhancing salads, transforming sandwiches, or simply enjoyed as a standalone snack right from the jar. A fusion of flavors awaits in every bite!

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