HASS SEASON (available from 17 May 2022)

The most delicious variety of avocado around the world

The Hass avocado is just an incredible satisfying fruit to farm with in Limpopo. The success and the excellent quality of our Hass variety we believe is due to the high altitude, the sub-tropical climate, high rainfall, and global accepted farming principles.

Hass avocado from May to December.

Avos Per Box Gram / Avo Range Avos Per Box Gram / Avo Range
12 300-371g 20 184-217g
14 258-313g 22 165-196g
16 227-274g 24 151-175g
18 211-235g    

The AvoFit retail shop offers daily specials on first and second grade avocados, and for our customers that cannot visit our retail shop, we deliver weekly to your area in the Garden Route.
Deliveries from Plettenberg Bay to Mossel Bay will continue on selected days. Please view the delivery schedules for 2022. The trade desk for the hospitality industry is available to discuss your requirements for the season.




FUERTE AVOCADO - THE TASTE OF GOODNESSFew healthy foods can claim to be as enjoyable as the avo, and none as nutritionally rich.

Hass Avocado Carton

R 250.00R 140.00

Hass avocados are in season for the next few months from the Capricorn district in Limpopo. Harvesting bulk for exports we always ensure the Garden Route's share of first class avocados. The Hass avocado is one of the most delicious varieties of avocado around the world, with a rich creamy flesh and superior taste.  Unlike other avocados, which have smooth green skin,

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